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We offer the latest alternative health treatments that help eliminate toxins, slow the aging process, and increase your body's natural ability to heal itself. We're conveniently located in San Rafael, CA.


Staff Your Rejuvenation Short Cut to Thin
From left to right:
Julie Blackard BS, CNHP, Weight-loss coach
Susan Blackard R.N., M.S., N.D.c
Dawn Blackard B.S. CNHP
Kristi Miller R.N.

Rejuvenation statement:

With the constant bombardment of stress, environmental pollutants, toxins in our food, all combined with a lack of health education; it is a safe statement to say our bodies are suffering. At Rejuvenation Short Cut to Thin, we believe that the body can and wants to heal itself. With the use of homeopathics, body work, nutritional therapy and education, we help our clients overcome many different physical and emotional stressors that are affecting them. There truly are all natural ways to deal with pain, illness, and the pressures of everyday life. Let us show you the way.

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